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BD Vacutainer® Urine Collection Family of Products
Providing you with solutions to collect, transport and process your urine specimens

At BD, we understand the challenges that surround you.


No matter what challenges you face, BD Can Help.
The BD Vacutainer® Urine Collection System can provide solutions for each part of the process:

  • For Collection we have easy-to-use products for the patient and the healthcare worker.
  • Our product offerings allow for leak proof Transportation that can be used with pneumatic tube systems.
  • Accessioning through a closed system eliminates the need to pour off and provides the laboratory with a clean sample.
  • Analytically Compatible with most commonly used automated platforms, and the Kova® pipette system.
  • Reliable Diagnosis & Patient Care with proprietary additives that preserve the sample without refrigeration. This provides the sample integrity needed, without causing bacterial toxicity.
  • Improving Specimen Quality by up to 28%1.

The BD Vacutainer® Urine Collection System of products offers a closed system that benefits healthcare workers by reducing their need to come into contact with potentially hazardous specimens. The system is designed to provide safety and satisfaction, as well as consistent reliable results to ensure proper patient outcomes.

Our product and service offerings include solutions intended to streamline your facility's workflow by reducing the need to re-test, re-label and/or recollect specimens.

Choosing the product that's right for you
At BD, we recognize that each customer has a different process, so we offer a wide range of products and configurations from which to choose.

Source 1 - BD Case Study VS7983.

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