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BD Vacutainer® Microbiology Solutions

challenges The BD Vacutainer® Plus C&S Preservative Tube offers a specific tube for microbiology, providing independence to each area of your facility. In addition, this will help you gain efficiency by avoiding unnecessary recollections, due to contaminated samples.

The preservative also maintains samples for up to 48 hours without refrigeration. In addition, our unique lyophilized preservative helps to prevent overgrowth or false positives, without causing toxicity to existing pathogens. This will aid the microbiology lab in preparing plates without overgrowth.

As with other BD Vacutainer® Urine Collection Tubes, the BD Vacutainer®Plus C&S Preservative Tube is a closed system that is also leak-free. This is essential to avoiding sample contact and leakage during transportation, and helps to keep your pneumatic systems dry.

BD Vacutainer® Plus C&S Tubes are also mercury free1.

1 - In compliance with the memorandum of understanding between the EPA and American Hospital Association, calling for the elimination of all mercury waste in hospital by the year 2005.

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