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Clinical and Clinical Research Reagents
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Research and Clinical Instrumentation - Flow Cytometry
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     BD FACSPresto™ Near-patient CD4 Testing Solution

Research Reagents
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Software - Cytometric Analysis
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Stem Cell Research
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Workflow Automation
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BD Diagnostics - Diagnostic Systems

Blood Culture Systems
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Cervical Cytology Screening
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Collection and Transport Systems
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Data Management, Statistics and Epidemiology
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Direct Testing Systems and Serology
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Environmental Systems
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Identification and Suceptibility Testing
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Microbiological Culture Media
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Microbiology - Industrial
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Molecular Diagnostics
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Mycobacteria Testing Systems
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BD Diagnostics - Preanalytical Systems

Advanced Scientific Products
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Arterial Blood Collection
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Blood Collection Accessories
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Blood Collection Tubes
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ESR Products
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Sample Acquisition
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Transportation and T&T System
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Urine Collection
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Veterinary Needles
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BD Medical - Medical Surgical Systems

Anesthesia Systems: Spinal & Epidural Needles, Specialty Needles
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Infusion Therapy Systems - Peripheral Cannula and Infusion Accessories
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Injection Systems - Needles and Syringes
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Insulin Delivery Devices
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Needle Safety - Diabetes
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Surgical Systems - Surgical Scrubs
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