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BD MAX™ Menu - Giving you the choice to run a large variety of assays

BD MAX™: Giving you the power of choice

BD MAX™ Assays:
  • BD developed IVD/CE assays*
  • Broad menu from select partnerships*

HAI (Healthcare associated infections)
       - BD MAX™ MRSA Assay 
       - BD MAX™ Cdiff assay
       - BD MAX™ CRE RUO assay
       - BD MAX™ StaphSR assay

Enteric Syndrome
       - BD MAX™ Enteric Bacterial
       - Diagenode Enteric Viral
       Coming soon:
       - BD MAX™ Enteric Parasites panel

Respiratory syndrome
       - Diagenode Respiratory Influenza A/B assay
       - Diagenode Bordetella Pertussis panel


* Please check product availability in region with your local BD representative.