BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO 4mm Pen Needles

New Ergonomic Pen Needle Technology to Help Optimise Injection Technique

The following information is intended for healthcare professionals only.

Ensures medication is injected to the correct skin depth over 99.5 percent of the time5
With up to 62 percent less thumb force required to dispense medication1
Suitable for most people with diabetes including adults and children3,4

BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO makes injections easier from start to finish for people who inject their diabetes medication and provides a more reliable subcutaneous delivery of their medication. 1*

According to the latest guidelines from the Australian Diabetes Educators Association, proper injection technique is essential to reducing absorption variability, optimising the insulin effect, and in turn achieving glycaemic targets. 1

The BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO includes all the benefits of its predecessor pen needle including BD’s proven 32G x 4 mm pen needle with 5-Bevel Comfort and EasyFlow™ Technology, which provides a faster, more comfortable injection. The 5-bevel needle tip ensures significantly less force is required to gently ease the needle into the skin while the extra thin wall cannula increases the flow rate of insulin. 2,3†

BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO has been redesigned with users in mind and now features ergonomic grips for easier handling. 4A wide outer cover, moulded ridges and additional grips support easier attachment and removal of the pen needle from a medication pen device, which is important to people with hand tremors or limited dexterity who find it difficult to handle their pen needle. 4

The launch of the BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO 4mm Pen Needle reinforces the commitment of BD to provide the most advanced solutions possible to support people with diabetes and help optimise treatment outcomes.

The new BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO 4mm Pen Needle is compatible with leading brands of diabetes medication pen devices # and can be obtained through the National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS). ^ It’s expected the new BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO 4mm Pen Needle will be available in pharmacies from May. ^

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*Compared to longer BD Pen Needles

† Compared to BD standard 3-bevel thin wall pen needles

# At March 2019

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