Chirurgische Instrumente – Ressourcenbibliothek


Diamond-Flex™ laparoscopic articulating retractors brochure

Diamond-Flex™ laparoscopic articulating retractors V. Mueller™ and Snowden-Pencer™ instrumentation.


Rhoton Transsphenoidal Speculum

The V. Mueller Rhoton Transsphenoidal Speculum was developed in conjunction with Albert Rhoton, MD, of the University of Florida and designed especially for the endonasal approach to pituitary tumor removal.


Safe-T-Centesis™ brochure

Safe-T-Centesis™ catheter drainage system. Innovations in patient safety, clinician safety and procedural efficacy.


Snowden-Pencer™ articulating instruments brochure

Snowden-Pencer™ articulating instruments use flexible technology that allows the instruments to act like a natural extension of a surgeon’s hand.


Snowden-Pencer™ in-line and pistol-grip laparoscopic instruments brochure

Features of Snowden-Pencer™ in-line and pistol-grip laparoscopic instruments


Snowden-Pencer™ reusable ring-handled laparoscopic instruments brochure

Designed with surgeon-researched enhancements, the next generation Snowden-Pencer™ ring-handle instruments bring together the ultimate in ergonomics, versatility and durability. Your investment is protected by a limited three-year service warranty and a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.


SPETZLER™ scalp retractor clamps brochure

The SPETZLER™ scalp retractor clamps provide a secure means of holding an elasticized scalp retraction hook. The clamps are available in snap-on or slide-on styles and in two sizes for versatility when used with common surgical retractor arms.


Switch-Blade™ reposable laparoscopic scissors brochure

Switch-Blade™ reposable scissors with reusable handles and disposable scissor tips help provide superior cutting performance. The click-fit scissor tips make them easier to assemble by providing both audible and tactile feedback to confirm proper assembly.


V. Mueller™ Cosgrove flex clamps brochure

Cosgrove flex clamps from V. Mueller™ instruments have flexible shafts that bend and contour, yet they perform with the reliability of traditional rigid clamps.

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