Beaufort Memorial Hospital case study

Learn how BD helps integrate supply dispensing technology and OR information systems


Beaufort Memorial Hospital with 197 beds in Beaufort, South Carolina.


The perioperative care areas were experiencing issues surrounding financial performance, clinician workflow and patient safety.


The hospital implemented an OR integration system (ORIS) enabling interoperability between the Pyxis ProcedureStation system and Picis OR Manager.


Within 60 days, the hospital:

  • Reduced the overall process time, which is the time personnel needs to obtain or dispense and document a supply item in the OR clinical record, by 62%.
  • Reduced the implant documentation time, which is the time a clinician needs to document the supplies, implants and staff time required for a surgical procedure, by 33%.
  • Reduced the time per implant case that nurses spend charting implant and supply usage in the OR by an average of 10.9 minutes.
  • Reduced the time required for the backend reconciliation of items used in surgical procedures by 50%.
  • Substantially improved preference card accuracy and charge capture efficiency.

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