eCommerce and EDI Capabilities

BD in Canada is proud to offer E-Commerce capabilities to help our customers become more efficient, improve accuracy and reduce costs and response time for your transactions with BD.

We offer a variety of E-Commerce capabilities and transaction sets as part of our automation portfolio. BD sends and receives electronic transactions via:

  • ANSI X.12 standard EDI formats
  • Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) refers to the computer-to-computer transmission of business information between trading partners. BD - Canada's EDI transaction portfolio currently includes the following transaction sets:

  • 850 - Purchase Order
  • 855 - Order Acknowledgement
  • 810 - Invoice
  • 856 - Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN)
  • 867 - Rebate/Sales Tracing
  • EFT/820 - Electronic Funds Transfer and Remittance Advise

Please contact our Customer Service Team via e-mail at  for further information regarding implementation on our automated services.

For EDI production support issues, please contact our EC Integration Services Production Support via e-mail at  for assistance.

Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.