Healthcare Solutions

BD Diagnostics Systems

BD Diagnostics - Preanalytical Systems is an industry leader in evacuated blood systems and preanalytical improvement processes. We have been transforming emerging challenges into opportunities for ever greater accuracy and product dependability since 1943.

Medical - Infusion Therapy and Infusion Systems

In Canada, BD Medical is proud to offer a wide range of infusion therapy and injection products that offer superior clinical performance and outcomes.

Healthcare Worker Safety

In Canada, turn to BD for the answers to needle stick safety and prevention. BD is a leader in safety, offering the most complete line of safety-engineered medical devices in the industry.

BD Laboratory Consulting Services

Providing optimal, sustainable results for your healthcare business.

Retail Pharmacies

Sharing your knowledge of proper insulin injection technique is invaluable for patients with diabetes.

Safety Engineered

Your workplace is changing rapidly. The accelerating speed and tempo of the healthcare environment, the emergence of new infectious diseases, and rising patient acuity has increased the everyday risk that you and all healthcare workers will be exposed to biohazards.