Healthcare Worker Safety

As a healthcare worker, you are well aware of the risks inherent to your occupation, but what can your facility or institution do to guard itself against needlestick injuries? In Canada, turn to BD for the answers to needle stick safety and prevention. BD is a leader in safety, offering the most complete line of safety-engineered medical devices in the industry. BD, in Canada, also offers educational services and programs that can actually help prevent sharps injuries to you, your staff and your patients.

Finding Real Solutions

Accidental needlestick injuries and other sharps injuries present an exposure risk to bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B and HIV.  BD has been a pioneer in the development of safety-engineered medical devices designed to protect healthcare workers from this risk.  

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Safety Heritage

In all aspects of needlestick and sharps safety, there is no company or organization that has committed more money, more people or more technological know-how to reducing needlestick injuries than BD.  Backed by more than 100 years of tradition and heritage, BD brings to safety an expertise in manufacturing high quality safety-engineered medical devices that is unrivaled. 

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Safety Programs

BD is committed to working with our customers to find real solutions to help address sharps injuries.  Here are some examples of safety solutions that BD in Canada can provide:

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Safety Conversion Management Process

In Canada, BD is pleased to partner with your institution to help you implement safety-engineered technologies.  This process involves understanding your needs and practices, identifying improvement opportunities and implementing a specific program that insures a successful transition.

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BD Safety-Engineered Products  

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BD Safety Programs

Learn about BD safety programs in Canada that help you to find real solutions to sharps injuries in your institution.