BD Laboratory Consulting Services

Providing optimal, sustainable results for your healthcare business.

  • Increasing Capacity
  • Improving Productivity
  • Lowering Operating Expenses
  • Elevating Patient care

Lean-Sigma Laboratory Assessment

Utilizing proven techniques and methodologies grounded in Lean-Sigma, our experienced consultants will review and make recommendations involving all aspects of laboratory medicine, from preanalytical to post analytical. These services include analysis of processes traditionally outside of the laboratory’s control but, which impact the lab’s ability to be Lean.

Lean Laboratory Architectural Design and Redesign

The laboratory's workflow, equipment, and processes will be assessed, and a new design developed incorporating aspects of Lean into the placement of equipment for optimal work flow. The end result will be a dynamic, robust, and flexible facility that can be reconfigured with minimal structural change to adapt to the changing laboratory market.

Lean-Sigma Laboratory Implementation

A Lean-Sigma Lab Implementation follows the Lean-Sigma Laboratory Assessment and is the actual on-site work by the consultant to ensure that the opportunities identified are implemented, in order to ensure a sustainable outcome.

Lean Blitz

This is an abbreviated and very focused look at a particular area of the lab and is designed to assist the lab with a single problem area.

Lean Education and Tool Usage

This focused educational program teaches Lean concepts through a combination of lectures and hands-on experience. Your employees will learn what Lean-Sigma is, what tools are used to become Lean and how to employ the tools in the laboratory setting.

Preanalytical Best Practices Training

From BD Laboratory Consulting Services, your partner in obtaining preanalytical excellence through sustainable education & training solutions.

We realize the challenges you face every day that can affect your facility's bottom line. Preanalytical errors alone contribute to costs by impacting:

  • Quality of Patient Care -erroneous medical diagnosis, and delayed results
  • Safety - needlestick injuries to patients or staff
  • Time - increased turnaround times and repeat sample collections
  • Resources and Budget - staff and equipment
  • Reputation - with patients and fellow colleagues

BD can help you identify the problem areas in your facility and show you how you can benefit from overall improvements gained in sample quality, workflow, turnaround time, patient safety and employee satisfaction.

Our customized training programs deliver the skills and knowledge your staff needs to reduce costly preanalytical errors and help you achieve your critical organizational goals and objectives of...

  1. Elevating quality
  2. Reducing costs
  3. Improving productivity

Read the brochure for details on this exciting new training program, focused on evidenced-based CLSI best practices!

   Case Study 1   Using Lean-Sigma, Lab Speeds ED Testing by 50% Increases productivity by 40% and Reduces Space Needs to to 30%.

   Case Study 2   Lean Sigma Urinalysis Solutions Results in 0.5 FTE capacity gain, 26% Decrease in Trunaround Time, 28% Improvement in Specimen Quality, and 4.1% Reduction in Total Cost-in-Use.

   Case Study 3   Lean-Sigma Lab Space Redesign Results in 50% Improvement in Effeciency and Average 40% Faster Turnaround Time.

   Case Study 4   Lean Blitz Speeds Patient Registration Phlebotomy Collection, 73% Improvememnt in Throughput and 70% Decrease in Wait Time.

   Case Study 5   Using Lean Sigma to redesign the Emergency Department (ED), Nyack Hospital improved to the 91st percentile in satisfaction, winning prestigious Press Ganey 2008 Compass Award. The ED now ranks in the top 10 in New York State achieving a service stanard of 30 minutes and creating a nearly waitless ED.