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How to correctly use Safety Engineered Sharps

Your workplace is changing rapidly. The accelerating speed and tempo of the healthcare environment, the emergence of new infectious diseases, and rising patient acuity has increased the everyday risk that you and all healthcare workers will be exposed to biohazards.

Biohazards are infectious organisms that present a risk to human health. Contact or exposure to biohazards may occur as a result of accidental needlestick injuries, injuries from other sharps, spills and splatters of body fluids and other unintended events. Exposure to biohazards may result in acquiring infectious diseases.

For your protection, your work place has provided BD Safety Engineered Sharps-Devices. These devices have been designed and manufactured to provide extra protection and to reduce the risk of injuries and exposures for all healthcare workers.

It is your responsibility to learn how to use these devices correctly. This website will provide training videos, printable posters and the answers to frequently asked questions.

Competent, consistent use of BD Safety Engineered Sharps-Devices is only one key element of workplace safety. This website is a resource for training material, one part of an education program for your safety strategy.


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