Texium system

Protect clinicians and patients from exposure to hazardous drugs with a closed system

The BD hazardous drug safety portfolio of products offers the Texium system, which utilises mechanical valve technology to protect healthcare workers and patients. It includes a needle-free luer-lock connection and bonded syringes, which offer a great workflow advantage, especially when integrated seamlessly with BD SmartSite valve technology and the BD Alaris System. When the Texium system and BD SmartSite valve are paired together, they provide a leak-free, drip-free connection and disconnection.

The Texium system, when used with the BD Alaris System featuring BD SmartSite needle-free technology, seamlessly integrates drug preparation and delivery. With a range of vial adapter options, including the BD SmartSite universal vial adapter, BD SmartSite vented vial access device and BD SmartSite VialShield closed vial access device, this system provides pharmacists and nurses with a flexible, simple and cost-effective solution.

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BD-2062 (3/17)


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