Inventory management

With the cost of medications accounting for up to 80% of a pharmacy's budget, hospitals and health systems face increasing pressure to reduce spend and minimize waste, without compromising care. To achieve these goals, pharmacists must adopt enterprise-wide solutions that manage 100% of medications, standardize processes and streamline workflow. 

Backed by the BD Care Coordination Engine, our inventory management and compounding solutions help pharmacies efficiently procure, pick, prepare, check and track all medications. At each step, our technologies can improve accuracy, visibility and standardization - helping to reduce cost, waste and complexity.

Additionally, Pyxis supply technologies help hospitals improve  workflow and case costing. Our automation technology also facilitates regulatory compliance and data analysis.

BD Pyxis IV Prep software solutions

BD Pyxis IV Prep software solutions

The solutions standardise compounding to improve medication safety and efficiency. 

BD Pyxis supply technologies

BD Pyxis supply technologies

BD Pyxis supply technologies help improve charge capture, workflow and case costing for hospitals.


  • Procures medication via a centralised process
  • Generates supplier orders for only what is needed
  • Supports hub and spoke models
  • Automates work queues for pharmacists
  • Simplifies the pick process with barcode verification
  • Tracks medications in near real time
  • Standardizes medication compounding
  • Reduces errors via gravimetrics IV compounding
  • Provides analytics and surveillance
  • Standardizes formulary via HIT interoperability
  • Helps redeploy pharmacists to clinical activity
  • Supports TJC and regulatory guidelines

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