BD Pyxis Supply Knowledge Portal

Use data to make informed decisions

This intuitive, web-based application quickly translates data into actionable information. With just a few clicks, you can access data and key performance indicators to optimise devices, increase charge capture and standardize physician preference, without data overload or additional manual steps.

Enterprise data management

You can leverage analytics to streamline workflows with retrospective trending and reporting, across a hospital or system.

Secure data management

BD web-based, hosted applications can help you reduce your IT footprint.

Compliance and efficiency

Key metrics can help track inventory loss and physician variance, and increase charge capture and potential revenue.

Inventory management

It helps increase charge capture and missed reimbursement opportunity, and identify underused items and carrying costs.

Case costing

It can address physician variance to help standardize preference, and reduce waste and labour costs.

Custom query creation

You can access all raw, unfiltered data across Pyxis products to create unlimited custom queries.

Integrated access

You can leverage our Knowledge Portals across the enterprise through unlimited user access with customizable permissions.

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