BD Pyxis Enterprise Server

Manage BD Pyxis technologies enterprise-wide

The BD Pyxis Enterprise Server lets you manage BD Pyxis ES technologies and devices using a single web-accessible environment on a scalable, flexible hospital server. By integrating technologies across the enterprise, the server enables data sharing between BD Pyxis ES platform technologies and HIT systems. 

Standardized formulary database

Connectivity lets the pharmacy information system serve as the single formulary source, supporting stardardization and centralised management.

Streamlined, simplified user management

Sign-on with standard IT-managed (Active Directory) credentials and the BioID fingerprint system help reduce data errors and streamline processes.

Flexible deployment options

IT and pharmacy can choose from various deployment models that meet IT- and pharmacy-specific criteria with hardware and software options.

Improved safety and reduced cost

Clinicians access data that helps improve patient safety while pharmacy and IT can configure the system to introduce efficiency and help reduce cost.

Web access

The web-accessible architecture allows remote access without individual user licences or additional software.

Improved IT efficiency

The system can help reduce IT footprint while leveraging existing IT investments.

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