BD Pyxis StockStation

Take barcode inventory in storerooms

The BD Pyxis StockStation is a barcode inventory management system with an intuitive user interface for stockrooms, warehouses and clinical areas. It assigns products to specific areas or patients, and updates inventory and billing records automatically.

Maximized service levels

The inventory barcode system maximizes service levels by providing unlimited line-item capacity.

Inventory optimization

The system integrates with other Pyxis technologies to optimize inventory levels and minimize supply stockouts.

Increased productivity

The system helps eliminate manual counting, stickering and restocking to increase workflow productivity.

Maximized reimbursement

It helps speed and track orders, distribution, payment and reimbursement to improve workflow, charge capture and revenue.

Automated reordering

With the BD Pyxis SupplyCentre server, the Pyxis StockStation system acts as an automatic reordering system.

Ordering efficiency

Electronic interfaces with multiple vendors reduce manual order entry and expedite order processing.

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