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BD adjuvants

BD Difco Complete and Incomplete Freund's adjuvants support research needs.

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BD antigens and antisera

BD offers a wide variety of antigens and antisera to aid the diagnosis of several diseases, including Salmonella and Shigella.

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BD BACTEC FX blood culture system

The BD BACTEC FX system provides enhanced detection of organisms causing bloodstream infection.

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BD BACTEC Lytic Anaerobic medium

BD BACTEC Lytic Anaerobic medium supports the growth of anaerobic organisms. This unique medium contains a lysing agent to lyse both...

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BD BACTEC ™ MGIT ™ automated mycobacterial...

The BD BACTEC MGIT 960 and 320 mycobacterial detection systems are a fully automated solution for mycobacterial liquid culture and...

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BD BACTEC ™ MGIT ™ mycobacterial growth indicator...

BD BACTEC MGIT mycobacterial growth indicator tubes provide advanced fluorometric manual mycobacteria detection.

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BD BACTEC ™ MGIT ™ susceptibility testing...

The BD BACTEC MGIT 960 SIRE antimicrobial susceptibility test (AST) for Mycobacterium tuberculosis features automatic S or R...

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BD BACTEC Peds Plus medium

BD BACTEC Peds Plus medium is a specialised medium containing resins that neutralise antibiotics, designed for low-volume paediatric...

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BD BACTEC Plus Aerobic medium

BD BACTEC Plus Aerobic medium can support the growth of common aerobic organisms. It is designed to neutralise antibiotics present in...

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BD BACTEC Plus Anaerobic medium

BD BACTEC Plus Anaerobic medium can support the growth of anaerobic organisms, and contains resins to neutralise antibiotics and...

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BD BACTEC Standard Aerobic medium

BD BACTEC Standard Aerobic medium is an enriched soybean-casein digest broth for recovery of aerobic organisms.

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BD BACTEC Standard Anaerobic medium

BD BACTEC Standard Anaerobic medium is designed to recover anaerobic microorganisms from blood.

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BD BBL Cefinase paper discs

BD BBL paper discs help detect beta-lactamase enzymes.

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BD BBL CO2 generators

Individually packaged CO2 gas generators are for use with the appropriate enclosures.

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BD BBL coagulase plasmas

BD offers BD BBL coagulase plasmas for qualitative identification of Staphylococcus aureus.

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BD BBL Crystal identification system

This miniaturised identification system has proven accuracy in identifying nearly 500 organisms.

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BD BBL ™ CultureSwab ™ EZ collection and...

BD BBL CultureSwab EZ and BD BBL CultureSwab EZ II collection and transport systems are simple to use and media free.

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BD BBL diagnostic reagent and stain droppers

BD offers many varieties of diagnostic droppers.

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BD BBL DrySlide products

BD BBL DrySlide products provide an alternative to biochemical testing.

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BD BBL GasPak anaerobic and C02 indicators

The BD BBL ™ GasPak ™ anaerobic indicator is a specially designed foil envelope. The BD BBL ™ GasPak ™ C0 2 indicator provides a...

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