BD BBL Crystal identification system

The BD BBL Crystal identification system is a miniaturised identification system that requires only one step for inoculation. Once inoculated, the panels provide a safe and easy-to-handle closed system. Reagent addition and oil overlay are completely eliminated by the panel design. The system has been proven to accurately identify nearly 500 organisms.

Ordering information
Catalogue no. Description Quantity e-Catalogue
245010 BD BBL Crystal anaerobe ID kit 20/SP
245011 BD BBL Crystal anaerobe ID manual codebook 1/EA
245000 BD BBL Crystal enteric/nonfermenter ID kit 20/SP
245002 BD BBL Crystal enteric/nonfermenter manual codebook 1/EA
245029 BD BBL Crystal enteric/stool ID inoculum broth 10/SP
245240 BD BBL Crystal Gram-positive ID kit 20/SP
245037 BD BBL Crystal Gram-positive manual codebook 1/EA
245038 BD BBL Crystal inoculum broth 10/SP
245130 BD BBL Crystal Neisseria/Haemophilus ID kit 20/SP
245035 BD BBL Crystal Neisseria/Haemophilus manual codebook 1/EA
245031 BD BBL Crystal panel viewer 1/EA
245250 BD BBL Crystal rapid Gram-positive ID kit 20/SP
245041 BD BBL Crystal rapid Gram-positive manual codebook 1/EA
245302 BD BBL Crystal reference panel 1/EA

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