BD BBL MycoPrep system

The BD BBL MycoPrep system provides a convenient, all-inclusive alternative to traditional reagent preparation, offering one of the most widely used CDC-recommended formulations for effective mycobacterial specimen processing.

Less mess, more productivity

With the BD BBL MycoPrep system, a simple snap and gentle shake are all it takes to activate the NALC-NaOH reagent.


The system stores at room temperature and once activated, remains stable for up to 24 hours.

Fast, easy use

The system is faster and easier to use than both in-lab preparations and typical TB base digestant/NALC system methods.

Phosphate buffer

The system comes complete with premeasured packets of powdered phosphate buffer.

Simplified needs

The system does not require reconstitution, weighing and mixing.

Reduced costs

The system eliminates complicated inventory, saving costs.

Ordering information
Catalogue no. Description Quantity (each) e-Catalogue
240862 BD BBL MycoPrep specimen digestion/decontamination kit 1
240863 BD BBL MycoPrep specimen digestion/decontamination kit 1

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