BD Quikheel infant safety lancet

The safety-engineered BD Quikheel safety lancet helps maximize blood flow and minimize pain when performing heel sticks on newborns and babies. Its simple one-handed activation releases a surgical blade to provide a precise and consistent incision, after which the blade retracts into its casing, helping protect you and those entrusted with your care.

Sufficient blood flow

The lancet provides sufficient blood flow to conduct PKU testing.

Two sizes

Two sizes—infant and preemie—are available, and are colour coded for easy selection.

Tapered window

The tapered window helps locate the point of incision and prevents cutting in the same place.

Ordering information
Catalogue no. Product Incision dimensions Applications Quantity (per box) Quantity (per case) e-Catalogue
368100 BD Quikheel preemie lancet 0.85 mm x 1.75 mm Low-birth-weight babies (greater than 1.0 kg and less than 1.5 kg);
full-term infants where lower blood flow is required (e.g., microcapillary or microhematocrit tubes)
50 200
368101 BD Quikheel infant lancet 1.00 mm x 2.50 mm Full-term infants where higher blood flow is required (e.g., BD Microtainer® tube collections, PKU card) 50 200

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