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BD blunt plastic cannula and accessories

The BD blunt plastic cannula supports needleless access for split septum IV injection sites and vials.

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BD Cornwall fluid dispensing syringe

The BD Cornwall fluid dispensing syringe is designed for fluid transfer.

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BD Durasafe CSE needle set

The BD Durasafe CSE needle set comes with a BD Whitacre pencil-point spinal needle and a variable extension adapter.

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BD Epilor plastic LOR syringe

The BD Epilor plastic loss-of-resistance (LOR) syringe features a double-ribbed stopper designed to prevent leakage during aspiration.

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BD glass LOR syringe

Our glass loss-of-resistance (LOR) syringe features a smoothly moving plunger designed to facilitate location of the epidural space.

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BD Integra retracting syringe

The BD Integra retracting syringe is designed to have low waste space.

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BD Luer-Lok 1-mL syringe

The BD Luer-Lok 1-mL syringe ideally supports critical clinical applications.

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BD Nokor filter and admix needles

BD Nokor filter needles feature a moulded-in 5-micron filter membrane to help reduce particles when withdrawing medications from glass...

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BD Perisafe ™ modified Tuohy point epidural...

BD Perisafe modified Tuohy point epidural needles feature calibrated needle depth markings that assist needle placement without...

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BD Perisafe tactile Tuohy epidural needles

BD Perisafe tactile Tuohy epidural needles feature a shorter point length than standard epidural needles.

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BD PosiFlush ™ 4% sodium citrate pre-filled lock...

Maximize catheter patency and minimize risk of adverse events with BD PosiFlush™ 4% sodium citrate pre-filled lock syringes

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BD PosiFlush ™ Externally Sterile (XS) Saline...

BD PosiFlush Externally Sterile (XS) Saline Flush Syringe is designed specifically for flush procedures performed on a sterile field....

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BD PosiFlush ™ Pre-Filled Heparin Lock Flush...

BD Posiflush Heparin Lock Flush Syringe is intended for use in maintaining the patency of vascular access devices.

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BD PosiFlush Pre-Filled Saline Syringe

BD PosiFlush Pre-Filled Saline Syringe helps improve clinician efficiency and workflow by eliminating steps and time involved in the...

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BD SafetyGlide shielding hypodermic needle

BD Activation Assist technology allows for fast and easy single-handed needle shielding.

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BD SafetyGlide syringe

The BD SafetyGlide insulin syringe helps prevent inadvertent needlestick injury after use.

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BD sterile syringe convenience trays

BD sterile syringe convenience trays can help pharmacy staff save time and effort when batch-preparing syringes.

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BD tip cap tray

BD tip caps are not made with natural rubber latex and can help minimize touch-contamination risk.

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BD Twinpak dual cannula device

The BD Twinpak dual cannula device simplifies needleless IV access by including two cannulas in one shield.

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Blunt fill and blunt filter needles

BD blunt portfolio products are designed to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries during medication preparation.*

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