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BD Pyxis™ ProcedureStation system

Secure perioperative inventory management in procedural areas

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The BD Pyxis™ ProcedureStation can help to identify where to streamline redundancies associated with the average number of items picked and returned per procedure, as well as gain insight as to the average procedure supply cost per physician.


  • Increases speed and accuracy for case costing, charge capture and billing

  • Patient level reporting

  • Improve preference card accuracy, case pick and return processes

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BD Pyxis™ ProcedureStation system with ORIS integration

Integrating the BD Pyxis™ ProcedureStation system with your hospital’s ORIS simplifies processes by enabling the ability to automatically incorporate surgical supply and important information directly into patient records.  Improving point-of-use data capture and reducing error prone manual documentation. 

  • Streamline workflow and reduced errors

  • Improved preference card accuracy 

  • Increases speed and accuracy for case costing, charge capture and billing 

Features and Benefits


The system is the first integration solution between an ORIS and supply automation technology.

Supply data sharing

The system automates supply data sharing to improve data capture, documentation, charting efficiency and case costing.

Support services

Support services include clinical workflow assessments and analytics tools to help validate process improvement and ROI.


BD Pyxis™ ProcedureStation system with Tissue and Implant module

The BD Pyxis™ ProcedureStation system with BD Pyxis™ Tissue & Implant Management System is part of a flexible, robust supply management solution built from a single platform so as needs evolve, hospitals can leverage and add technologies.  

  • Streamlined workflow

  • Standarize processes access centralized information and reporting 

  • Tissue management alerts

  • Charge capture accuracy 

Features and Benefits

Workflow efficiency        

Automated management helps rid time-consuming activities such as manually completing tissue usage information cards.

Advanced tissue and implant supply tracking and reporting

Inventory tracking and reporting features document the supply usage, cost and time of a procedure, service or physician.

Tissue management alerts

Alerts notify staff of tissue and implants that have been exposed to inapproriate temperatures.

Charge capture accuracy

Interfaces with registry and patient billing software enable automatic and accurate charge capture.

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