Diabetes Care

For nearly 90 years, BD's culture of innovation and continuous improvement has enhanced the patient experience to enable better diabetes therapy and outcomes. BD Pen Needles and Insulin Syringes are designed with leading technology to support earlier initiation and better adherence to injectable therapies, helping diabetes patients live healthier lives.


BD Ultra-Fine™ Nano™ Pen Needles

Introducing BD Ultra-Fine™ Nano™ 4mm Pen Needles with Pentapoint™ comfort and EasyFlow™ technology


BD Ultra-Fine™ Insulin Syringes

Introducing the NEW BD Insulin Syringe with the BD Ultra-Fine™ 6mm needle.


BD AutoShield™ Duo Pen Needle

The one needle with DUAL automatic protective shields to fit all your needs.


BD SafetyGlide™ Syringe

Features single-handed activation that allows for ease of use and minimal training.


BD Ultra-Fine™ Lancets

BD lancets deliver a more comfortable blood glucose test at an affordable price.


BD™ Alcohol Swabs

This product is available at pharmacies. If it is not on the shelf, it can be ordered by the pharmacist. Prices are set at the retail level and vary from store to store.


Disposal Products

Disposal Products available from BD

Important Note

Not all products or therapies are approved in Canada. Please consult your local health care provider in Canada.