Diabetes Learning Center

Managing Diabetes

Managing Diabetes with Diet and Exercise

A good diabetes management plan will always include careful meal planning. Eating right will help to control blood sugar and cut the risk of developing diabetes complications.

Managing Diabetes with Pills

When your meal plan and exercise routine can no longer keep your blood glucose in target, your doctor may recommend that you begin to take diabetes pills.  

Managing Diabetes with Insulin

An insulin therapy regimen includes the types of insulin you take, when you take them and how much you take. There are a wide variety of excellent therapy regimens.

Caring for a Child with Diabetes

Your child can live a normal life - yes, normal – as long as you, your family, and others learn to help manage his or her blood sugar (glucose) levels.

Caring for Pets with Diabetes

Up to 1 in every 500 dogs and cats has diabetes. Their owners have learned how to manage this chronic illness, and you can too.

Educational Literature

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Diabetes Information for Health Professionals

The Recommendations for Best Practice in Injection Technique will provide Canadian Health Care Professionals (HCPs) with evidence-based, best practice information for all those with diabetes using injectable therapies