When Listening and Learning Nurtures Loyalty

Wellspan Health

On any given day, among 144 engagements across 5,000 U.S. hospitals, members of the BD Diagnostics - Preanalytical Systems (PAS) Value Sales and Outcomes (VS&O) team might be found engaging senior hospital administrators. 

Instead of discussing BD innovations like safety winged collection sets or specimen collection technology, the conversations center more on issues challenging a hospital, such as emergency department (ED) workflow, or left-without-being-seen rates.

The BD experts analyze the quality of the hospital's processes-and build long-term trust. Building these relationships allows the team to learn vital information that will guide their recommendations in best practices, training and solutions. The customer can get closer to boosting efficiency, revenue and patient satisfaction.

"By analyzing our customer's specimen collection processes and related data we understand the 'health' of their organization," says Doug Carrara, Director of Value Sales and Outcomes, Preanalytical Systems. "This allows us to make best practice recommendations that deliver results relevant to their business strategies."

Is it working?

Wellspan suffered from declining patient satisfaction due to long wait times at its patient service centers (PSCs). After the BD team advised on process fixes as simple as eliminating wasteful steps in registration and collection, the Pennsylvania hospital system enjoyed a 78% decline in total complaints for all their PSCs-and cut wait times by 75%.1

The laboratory at a large community hospital in Northern California that processes 260,000 tests annually needed major improvement on turnaround times for stat orders from their ED. A Lean Six Sigma approach helped them reduce turnaround times by 50%-from 45 minutes to 22 minutes. BD even guided reconstruction plans to increase efficiency. Aside from a 40% increase in productivity, the hospital saved over $390,000 annually by consolidating processes.2

Says Carrara, "By helping our customers achieve their strategic goals, we build trust, strengthen our relevance and broaden our partnership. The approach that we are taking is working."


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