Infusion Analytics Service

Actionable information for timely decisions

Infusion Analytics

BD delivers a clear perspective of Alaris® System data and Guardrails® software alerts in order to continually evaluate patient safety practices, monitor adherence to hospital guidelines and support compliance and accreditation efforts.

To achieve this BD has developed a Guardrails Consultancy Service that expedites an efficient and effective utilisation of Guardrails to optimize infusion practice and patient safety.

The Guardrails Consultancy Service assists customers to

  • Develop Guardrails Datasets.
  • Train staff in the use of Guardrails infusions.
  • Implement Guardrails into the hospital areas.
  • Download data for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) analysis.
  • Report (CQI) on data and provide feedback to customers.
  • Modify datasets and upload changes to the infusion device stock.
  • Identify changes to practice and action plan for performance improvements.
  • Scheduling future downloads.

The Guardrails team comprises Patient Safety Advocate, Guardrails Specialist and Nurse Trainer. This team supplements the existing local BD management to provide a comprehensive support mechanism for Customers and is coordinated through the local BD District Manager.

  • Proprietary, easy-to-interpret Harm Index categorizes the impact of averted harm events. 
  • Delivers insights without requiring additional technical or in-house staffing resources. 
  • Seamless data management practices based on 20 years of experience with medical device data and insight from more than 3,000 device customers. 
  • Provides actionable information based on your clinician's infusion practices. 
  • Intuitive navigation provides quick access to supporting transaction detail. 
  • From the creators of Alaris™ System, your trusted partner for analytical insight.

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