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Taking control of your care with the PleurX™ system

If you experience a build-up of fluid around your lungs (recurrent pleural effusion) or in your belly (malignant ascites), the PleurX catheter system may be appropriate for you. With the PleurX system, you can manage your symptoms due to fluid accumulation in the comfort of your home.

The PleurX system:

  • Has helped over 100,000 patients since 1997
  • Is a clinically proven self-drainage solution
  • And allows you to spend more time in the comfort of your home

If you and your physician determine that the PleurX system is the right treatment option for you, the placement of the small, flexible PleurX catheter can be done as an outpatient procedure. This catheter is placed into your chest or belly (abdominal space), where fluid accumulates allowing fluid to be conveniently drained as needed.

Easy and convenient

After the catheter is placed, you will receive training and drainage kits which provide all the supplies and educational materials needed to drain your fluid at home. You (or your caregiver) simply connect a PleurX vacuum bottle to the safety valve at the end of the catheter and the fluid is drained into the bottle.

The PleurX catheter system lets you control when and where to drain, and allows you to take control over managing your symptoms.

For additional information about whether the PleurX catheter is appropriate for you, please contact your physician or health care provider.

The PleurX catheter is inserted in the chest for draining pleural effusions.

The PleurX catheter is inserted in the abdomen for draining malignant ascites.

The end of the catheter stays on the outside of the body, covered by a thin protective dressing while not in use.

The protective dressing is virtually undetectable under clothing.

Popular PleurX resources

We offer various resources to help you understand and use the PleurX system, including:

PleurX catheter placement

The system can be placed to address both pleural effusions and malignant ascites.

Learn effective drainage techniques at home with this instructional video.

PleurX patient drainage video

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