Pyxis CIISafe™ system

Control substance management

Pyxis CIISafe system

The Pyxis CIISafe™ system from BD stores, tracks and monitors the replenishment of controlled substance inventory within your hospital. The Joint Commission International and other regulatory agencies are placing greater importance on the need to account for all controlled substances at all times - and for good reason. Reporting errors and drug diversion not only carry the risk of infractions that may affect accreditation status, result in costly fines and revoked licenses, they can also jeopardize patient safety.

The Pyxis CIISafe™ system brings enhanced value to existing Pyxis MedStation™ system users, providing seamless hospital-wide management of controlled substances. The technology streamlines documentation from the pharmacy to the nursing floor, virtually eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual recordkeeping. It also makes it easier to quickly spot discrepancies or signs of diversion.

  • Accurate and easily retrievable real-time data helps effectively manage controlled substance inventory.

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