Pyxis PARx™ system

Pharmacy auto-replenishment

Pyxis ParX System
Pyxis ParX System

Pyxis PARx™ system from BD automates the medication refill process to help ensure the right medication is getting to the right Pyxis MedStation™ system and the right CUBIE™ pocket. The system uses bar code scanning technology to help catch medication errors at one of the first points they can occur, in the pharmacy. And bar code scanning will then help ensure that the right medication is transported to the nursing unit. This logistical aspect of the medication distribution process is a key focus of Joint Commission International and of the ISMP Guidelines on the Safe Use of Automated Dispensing Cabinets.

Using the Pyxis PARx™ system, your pharmacy staff can quickly and easily pick the right medication, check the medication and deliver the right medication to the right Pyxis MedStation system. The data from the system will also help you make process improvements related to source of errors during refill, staff utilization, turnaround times and more.

  • Pharmacists at the Hospital of Saint Raphael are spending less time managing the logistics of checking and filling medications, allowing them to redeploy 4.5 FTE technicians to other areas.1
  • Integrates with the Pyxis CIISafe™ system and certain carousel providers to aggregate all of the manual picks in the pharmacy into one reporting system.

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  1. Making Measurable Improvements in Safety, Efficiency and Cost. Hospital of Saint Raphael. BD case study. 2008, DI2098.