Pyxis™ SMART Remote Manager

Automated temperature-sensitive medication dispensing and monitoring

Pyxis SMART Remote Manager
Pyxis SMART Remote Manager
Pyxis SMART Remote Manager

Pyxis™ SMART Remote Manager from BD automates temperature-sensitive medication dispensing and storage device temperature monitoring. Pyxis SMART Remote Manager integrates with the Pyxis MedStation™system to provide controlled point-of-use access to temperature-sensitive medications and monitors internal temperatures of storage devices. In addition, the system electronically archives transaction and temperature data and generates reports necessary for compliance with Joint Commission, inventory management and billing.

Pyxis SMART Remote Manager includes a software module, electronic locking latch and a temperature sensor with digital display. It can be installed on many commercially available refrigerators. 

  • Integrates with the Pyxis MedStation™ system.
  • Improve workflow efficiency by streamlining temperature-sensitive medication distribution and storage device temperature monitoring.
  • Increase medication safety and help protect your facility's bottom line by warning clinicians if medication has been exposed to an inappropriate temperature.

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