Ergonomic take-apart instrument
Ergonomic take-apart instrument
Ergonomic take-apart instrument

Ergonomic Ring-Handle Instruments: Take Apart

Take hold of tools with qualities that set them apart

With Snowden-Pencer™ take-apart laparoscopic instruments, you enjoy ergonomics, durability and versatility.

The Snowden-Pencer ring-handle design more evenly distributes pressure, which helps reduce the potential for intraoperative hand fatigue and temporary digital nerve compression. Additionally, our take-apart instruments feature easy-to-grip dual release buttons that aid assembly and disassembly while preventing the instrument from inadvertently disengaging.

Snowden-Pencer laparoscopic ergonomic take-apart instruments are designed for general laparoscopy with the ability to grasp, dissect and clamp. They feature a light yet strong tungsten-carbide insert that ensures durable performance. The shaft is coated with double-layer Halar Insulation, reducing the potential for cracks and defects in the shaft's insulation. These instruments are protected with a full-service one-year warranty and lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Snowden-Pencer take-apart instruments can be taken apart for visual inspection during cleaning and sterilization - optimizing sterility. 

Their integrated ratchet mechanism design lets you easily and quickly adjust the ratchet, and use the instrument with or without the ratchet function. Additionally, the ergonomic ring handle allows a precision or palm grip for optimal feel. 

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