MaxPlus clear needleless connector
MaxZero clear needleless connector

MaxPlus™ clear needleless connector

Helps reduce CRBSI when used in combination with clinical practice interventions

Catheters provide a vital lifeline for patients. As the gatekeeper, catheter IV connectors should provide access without acting as an avenue for microbial contamination. For vital connections, evidence is confidence and the MaxPlus clear has been shown to help significantly reduce catheter complications (occlusions and CRBSIs) when used in conjunction with best practice interventions.2

Featuring a clear housing and patented Tru-Swab™ technology, the MaxPlus™ clear provides complete visualization of the fluid path-a visual reminder to completely perform clinical practices such as priming, disinfection and flushing. This clarity, when leveraged in combination with clinical practice interventions, may help to reduce the occurrence of bloodstream infections and occlusions in patients receiving infusion therapy-ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

The MaxPlus needleless connector features our patented positive displacement technology, which provides a bolus of fluid to clear the catheter tip upon disconnection from the device. This clears the catheter and locks it against retrograde blood, reducing the risk of occlusions due to reflux.

The MaxPlus is referenced in the 2011 CDC guidelines as contributing to significantly reduced CRBSI rates when used with other bundled interventions.3

  • Patented Tru-Swab technology offers a flat, smooth surface free of crevices that may harbour bacteria.
  • Patented dual seal design helps reduce microbial ingress.
  • Translucent housing allows visualization of entire fluid path.
  • One internal component helps reduce the risks associated with multiple moving parts that can hide contaminants and prevent complete flushing.
  • Promotes compliance with best practices and aseptic technique.
  • Positive displacement helps reduce reflux occlusions at disconnection.
  • Saline only flush reduces use of heparin and associated risks.
  • Pressure rated to 325 psi at a flow rate of 10 mL/second.

MaxPlus clear connectors answer the needs of clinicians: 

  • Provides for complete visualization of the fluid path during priming and flushing of the device.
  • Promotes an occlusion and contaminant-free line.
  • Promotes compliance with best practices and aseptic technique.
  • Promotes the use of saline flush and lock vs. heparin.
  • Promotes complete flushing.
  • Permits standardization of connectors on both central and peripheral lines.

MaxPlus clear connectors, when used in conjunction with clinical practice interventions, may help support reduction in: 

  • Bloodstream infections
  • Occlusions
  • Heparin usage
  • False positive blood cultures
  • Nursing time
  • Costs associated with the above

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