SmartSite™ gravity sets

SmartSite gravity and secondary sets
SmartSite gravity and secondary sets

The SmartSite™ gravity sets incorporate a diverse portfolio including 20 and 60 drop sets, available with filters, flow controllers, blood filters, manifolds and burettes. SmartSite gravity sets offer needle-free and DEHP-free configurations, helping hospitals meet their clinical needs.

  • High level of needle-free compliance, because the SmartSite needle-free valve is activated with a standard male Luer, the use of needles is eliminated.
  • Lower system costs by eliminating the need for cannulas or caps.
  • Easy-to-use, simply swab and attach any standard male Luer of a secondary set to a primary set port.
  • DEHP-free offering suitable for neonates, paediatrics and adults.

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