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About BD's Advanced Scientific Products - Cell and Biomarker Preservation Products

The majority of errors in laboratory medicine occur in the preanalytical (PA) phase. The PA phase is complex and largely outside of the direct control of the laboratory. The impact of common PA errors on the measurement of routine analytes is well understood and is likely to have at least as big an impact on the Discovery and Validation of new biomarkers.

The use of specialised BD Vacutainer® blood collection tubes with proprietary additives to stabilise human blood proteins and nucleic acids can minimise preanalytical error to improve biomarker analysis in both in vitro diagnostic (IVD) and Research Use Only (RUO) applications

Nucleic Acid Stabilisation – IVD Molecular Diagnostics

  • PAXgene RNA
  • PAXgene DNA (CE)

Separation & Stabilisation of circulating pathogens (plasma) - IVD

  • Plasma Preparation Tube (PPT)

PBMC Preparation - IVD Flow Cytometry, Molecular Diagnostics

  • Cell Preparation Tube (CPT)

Plasma Protein Stabilisation - RUO

  • P100 - Plasma Proteome Stabilisation
  • P700 - GLP-1 Stabilisation
  • P800 - GLP-1, GIP, Ghrelin & Glucagon Stabilisation

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