MaxPlus™ and MaxZero™

Go needleless with your IV therapy

Experience "Max"-imum benefit

About MaxPlus and MaxZero

Our MaxPlus and MaxZero needleless connectors help maintain catheter line patency by reducing the risk of catheter occlusions. The MaxPlus clear needleless connector features our patented positive displacement technology to clear the catheter tip upon disconnection, which helps reduce the chance of occlusions due to reflux. Our MaxZero connector helps you prepare for procedures by offering three-second disinfection, prevent contamination to protect patients and preserve the line by featuring a visible fluid path that improves flushing. 

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MaxZero needleless connector

Our MaxZero needleless connector prolongs catheter patency and promotes effective disinfection. A visible fluid path and high-flow, straight fluid channels facilitate flushing. The fluid-filled design eliminates bacteria-trapping areas that you cannot flush or disinfect. Supporting a seven-day change-out protocol, the connector provides a closed line, longer.

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