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Our Achieve brand includes biopsy needles with advanced features that can help you conveniently yet precisely perform many types of...

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Denver Shunts

Peritoneovenous shunting with the exclusive Denver shunt, available only from BD, helps patients retain nutrient rich fluid associated...

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Our PleurX brand includes our system for helping patients drain fluid buildup from pleural effusions or malignant ascites at home.

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PleurX™ Catheter System

The PleurX™ catheter system features a tunneled catheter and easy-to-use vacuum bottles that allow patients or their caregivers to...

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Safe-T-Centesis™ Drainage system

Our advanced device brings together a number of innovations. This revolutionary drainage system is designed to reduce the risks...

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Standard Thoracentesis / Paracentesis device

Our standard device provides a safe, strong, supple fluid path, excellent specimen retrieval and therapeutic drainage. It features a...

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