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Our Snowden-Pencer brand includes surgical and laparoscopic instruments that ergonomically, flexibly and durably support minimally...

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Snowden-Pencer™ Plastic Surgery Instruments

Snowden-Pencer and V. Mueller instruments from BD include instrumentation for plastic surgery, including general plastic and endoscopic...

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Standard Thoracentesis / Paracentesis device

Our standard device provides a safe, strong, supple fluid path, excellent specimen retrieval and therapeutic drainage. It features a...

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T34 14 Day Rental Kit

The T34 rental pack provides care givers with an option to rent an NPSA compliant device for a short term period. This allows for...

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T34 7 day Consumable Kit

The T34 7 day consumable kit has been created to work alongside the T34 Rental Kit or as a standalone with your existing T34 Syringe...

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T34 Coin Operated Lockbox

T34™ lockbox to accommodate pump and syringe, sizes up to 30ml, with a coin operated locking mechanism.

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T34 Lockbox 30ml with 2 Keys

T34™ lockbox to accommodate pump and syringe, sizes up to 30ml. Includes two keys.

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T34™ Ambulatory Syringe Pump

The T34™ is the safety standard in ambulatory syringe pumps - offering a comprehensive range of features designed to maximise safe and...

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T34™ and T60™ Single Use Carry Pouch

A single patient use carry pouch to accommodate the T34™ pump and lockbox or the T60™ pump only.

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Table top Charger

Charges a standard/extended life battery

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Our Texium brand includes the Texium closed male luer, which helps protect healthcare workers from exposure to hazardous drugs.

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Texium™ closed male Luer

This device partners with the SmartSite™ needle-free valve to achieve a closed system for drug preparation, transport, IV...

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TPCA™ Ambulatory Patient Controlled (PCA) Syringe Pump

The TPCA™ Ambulatory Patient Controlled (PCA) syringe pump with lockbox has a library of protocols offering MediGuard, a Dose Error...

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Traditional Snowden-Pencer™ instruments

Snowden-Pencer offers a large selection of traditional laparoscopic instruments, including articulating graspers and retractors

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V. Mueller™

Our V. Mueller brand includes laparoscopic and open instrumentation that combines modern technology with handcrafted design.

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V. Mueller™ Open Instrumentation

V. Mueller open instrumentation from BD offers an expansive selection of products across virtually every surgical specialty including...

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Washable T34™ Carry Pouch for Syringe Pump

A reusable (washable) carry pouch to accommodate the T34™ syringe pump only.

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Washable T34™ Carry Pouch for Syringe Pump and Lockbox

A reusable (washable) carry pouch to accommodate the T34™ syringe pump and the T34™ lockbox.

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