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BD Cato® medication workflow solutions

BD Cato ® is an integrated software solution for chemotherapy that provides support throughout all stages of therapy: from long-term...

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BD Pyxis™ FMD Verify

The easy-to-install software solution supporting pharmacies with EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) compliance

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CUBIE™ System

Helps provide safe access of multiple strengths of the same line-item, reducing potential for medication errors during the medication...

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Pyxis MedStation™ ES system

Designed to address the changing landscape of healthcare, the system is the first offering built on the Pyxis™ ES platform—the next...

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Pyxis PARx™ system

Offers a closed-loop medication replenishment process to identify trends, reinforce standardized practice and reduce risk of diversion...

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Pyxis™ Enterprise server

Provides hospitals and health systems a scalable, flexible foundation for managing Pyxis ES technologies on a single database.

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Pyxis™ ES Link Queue and Waste module

Pyxis ES Link Queue and Waste module streamlines systems and devices to help remotely queue medications, document waste and improve...

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Pyxis™ SMART Remote Manager

Improves workflow efficiency by streamlining temperature-sensitive medication distribution and monitoring temperature-controlled...

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