BD Solutions For Efficient HAI Management

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a major cause of morbidity and mortality around the world. An estimated 6 million healthcare-associated infections occur each year across the U.S., Europe and Japan alone. Beyond the human toll, HAIs poses an enormous financial burden to healthcare systems worldwide. BD is committed to applying its expertise, resources and technologies toward the prevention of healthcare-associated infections worldwide. Helping to prevent HAIs perfectly aligns with BD's core purpose of "helping all people live healthy lives". 

BD Diagnostics offers you a comprehensive range of assays (Screening/Diagnostic; Molecular/ Chromogenic/ Conventional) to identify HAI causing organisms in the most efficient way corresponding to your unique and individual setting.

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BD MAX™ MRSA XT with eXTended Detection Technology

The BD MAX™ MRSA XT Assay with eXTended Detection Technology accurately identifies mecA dropouts, new MREJ types and MRSA strains with the novel mecC gene.

BD MAX™ C Difficile

The BD MAX™ Cdiff assay delivers accurate and timely results which enable appropriate treatment and infection control measures to be implemented which helps improve patient outcomes, potentially reduce hospital costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

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