The Core of the System

Historically, BD BACTEC™  Blood Culture media have always offered enhanced recovery of isolates from blood cultures to help identify bacteremia episodes sooner.

BD BACTEC™ Blood Culture Systems utilizes the breadth of current media - from Plus, and Lytic to PEDs and special media for yeast, fungi or mycobacteria recovery - to support your different patient population and blood culture needs.

Introducing BD BACTEC™ Plastic Bottles, the latest addition to the  BD BACTEC™ range. Increase lab convenience while maintaining high quality standards.

FDA clearance for 442023 BD BACTEC™ Plus Aerobic bottles obtained July 2012

Provides the convenience of plastic without compromising clinical performance

Can be used with BACTEC™ 9000 and BACTEC™ FX

Plastic and glass bottles can be used in the same instrument

Ready to use after a software update

Ordering Information
Catalog no.Description
442003 BD BACTEC™ - Myco/F Lytic Medium 25 vials
442026 BD BACTEC™ - Mycosis IC/F Medium Culture Vials 25 vials
442153 BD BACTEC™ - BD FOS™ Culture Supplement Kit 1 kit.
442191 BD BACTEC™ - Standard Anaerobic/F Medium 50 vials
442192 BD BACTEC™ PLUS - Aerobic/F Medium 50 vials
442193 BD BACTEC™ PLUS - Anaerobic/F Medium 50 vials
442194 BD BACTEC™ - Peds Plus™ Medium 50 vials
442206 BD BACTEC™ - Mycosis IC/F Medium Culture Vials 50 vials
442265 BD BACTEC™ - Lytic/10 Anaerobic/F Medium 50 vials

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