BD EpiCenter

BD EpiCenter™

Improving Efficiency and Patient Care via Real-Time Communication

The BD EpiCenter™ data management system is a UNIQUE solution for microbiology laboratories to efficiently communicate and track all the information needed by every professional involved in infection control and patient treatment.

The BD EpiCenter™ Microbiology Data Management System provides fully integrated microbiology middleware that enables microbiologists, infection control professionals, pharmacists and physicians to work in a collaborative, integrated fashion to optimally manage Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) in their facilities.

The software is compatible with the hospital's existing Microsoft Windows™ computer network, providing simultaneous access to all connected staff. BD EpiCenter™ delivers healthcare professionals with a library of ready-to-use epidemiology reports designed to discover and monitor HAI outbreaks and trends. The system deploys a user-defined "Pro-Active" alerting system for the instant communication of sentinel events such as HAIs and antimicrobial-resistance marker detection.

Screening of drugs

First and second line drug testing and screening of drugs under development

Long term storage

Long term storage, statistical analysis and LIS connection

DST of M. tuberculosis

DST of M. tuberculosis complex and NTM, including:

Quantitative MIC and breakpoint testing

Extended test protocol length

Visualisation of growth curves per drug or per specimen

The Right Information

  • A patient-monitoring system consolidating all tests performed by the microbiology laboratory and their entire lifecycles.
  • Flexibility in identifying, tracking and reporting resistance mechanisms and transmissible pathogens.
  • Customisable alerts and personalised interpretative susceptibility rules according to local guidelines.
  • An accurate dashboard enabling hospital epidemiology to monitor antimicrobial resistance and trends based on real MICs .

The Right Communication Process

  • Enhance data access with multiple BD EpiCenter™ workstations within the hospital network with no compromise on information quality.
  • Create direct communication of “Sentinel events” (MRSA, MDR, etc) utilising existing e-mail system, pda or SMS.
  • Control and prioritise the delivery of all results (including direct examinations, cultures, alerts ... ) to the hospital and infection control departments.
  • Reduce the time spent from the ordering of the test to availability of results as much as possible (TAT : Turn around Time) to optimise patient treatment.

For The Right Decision

  • Efficient diagnosis of infectious diseases Rapid identification of infected patients with transmissible pathogens to ensure the appropriate infection control measures.
  • Cross-checking of the patient’s antibiotic therapy with the tests performed by the laboratory in order to adjust patient treatment when necessary.
  • Guide in the choice of empirical antibiotic therapy.
  • Maintenance of internal staff education on infection diseases.

Multi-instrument integration and complete data observation

BD EpiCenter™ directly interfaces with BD Phoenix™, BD Phoenix AP™, BD BACTEC™ Blood Culture Systems, BD BACTEC MGIT™ 960 for multi-instrument integration and complete data observation.

Efficiently organizes workflow on one system

Efficiently organizes workflow on one system - full data access at any time, anywhere, enhancing real-time data flow and result communication while reducing technician bottlenecks.

Operates in a true multi-user environment

Operates in a true multi-user environment – BD EpiCenter™ can be loaded on other existing computers within your facility, thus providing multiple access points inside and outside of the laboratory.

Concentrates patient data and test results

Concentrates patient data and test results into a single bi-directional LIS interface for all systems, thus reducing costs and maintenance.

Real-time monitoring and analyzing of data

Comprehensive real-time monitoring and analyzing of data and reporting of actionable results at every BD EpiCenter™ workstation enabling a faster impact on patient care decisions

Ready-to-use and customizable reports

Large array of ready-to-use and customizable reports and analysis tools facilitating whole-house surveillance and data sharing.

Additional modules

Additional modules are available for: customizable expert interpretation of ID/AST results (BDXpert™ and BD EpiCARE™ system -an innovative open expert system allowing customization of rules), surveillance, epidemiology, “Pro-Active” alerting (Sentinel) and for second line drug testing of mycobacteria (TB eXiST)

Consolidation of automated and manual test results

Open for any off-line tests such as Gram stains, BBL CHROMagar™ MRSA etc. allowing consolidation of automated and manual test results.

Electronically exportable

Provides both text and graphic reports - electronically exportable directly to Microsoft applications.

Barcode printing and scanning

Barcode printing and scanning capabilities eliminate mistakes when managing data.

Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.

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