The BD Oxford Innovation Centre

Based in BD UK’s stunning new offices in the Oxford Science Park, the Innovation Centre is a complex of purpose-built clinical showrooms for training and demonstration purposes. In addition to training and conference rooms, the Innovation Centre comprises:
  • A Microbiology room with fully functioning BD Diagnostic Systems instruments for Sepsis, Molecular Diagnostics, HAI testing, Microbial identification / AST and TB testing.
  • A Biosciences room with fully functioning BDB Flow Cytometry Cell Sorters and Cell Analysers.
  • A Phlebotemy suite for phlebotomist training, BD Vacutainer™ studies and blood collection, supporting the National Blood Service.

Training and Application Support

BD’s Training and Application Support specialists are dedicated to offering the highest standard of support to users of BD products in the UK and Ireland.

Our team of field-based Application Specialists is drawn from both clinical and research backgrounds, and is available to provide on-site or in-house training and / or support across our range of Biosciences, Diagnostics, and Preanalytical Systems products and reagents.

In-house training is delivered at our Innovation Centre in Oxford, and is available in either standard or custom designed formats. This flexibility allows us to train both new users, and those more experienced operators, who might require advanced training tailored to meet their specific needs.

On-site training can be arranged with the Training and Application Support team as required, and can be tailored to meet all customer requirements. As part of a global team, BD in the UK is able to make use of the knowledge and expertise of our colleagues in both Europe and the USA in providing training and support solutions.

To organise training, or for further information, please contact your relevant business:

For training on BD Diagnostic Systems products and instruments:

BD Diagnostics - Diagnostic Systems
+44 1865 781625

For training on BD Biosciences Flow Cytometers:

BD Biosciences
+44 1865 781625

For phlebotomy / BD Vacutainer™ training:

BD Diagnostics - Diagnostic Systems
+44 1865 781625

Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.

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