Alaris EtCO2 Module
Alaris EtCO2 Module
Alaris EtCO2 Module

Alaris™ EtCO2 module

Continuous EtCO2 monitoring across patient care areas

The Alaris™ EtCO2 module brings continuous respiratory monitoring to all patient care areas with an easy-to-use technology that is effective with both intubated and non-intubated mobility. This essential respiratory technology adds an additional layer of protection at the point-of-care that pauses a PCA infusion if a patient falls below your hospital-defined respiratory limits when used with the Alaris™ PCA module. Its features include customizable profiles that add flexibility across all patient care areas.

The Alaris EtCO2 module utilizes sampling lines that eliminate the need for moving parts, external sensors or routine calibration. The Oridion FilterLine™ family of EtCO2 breath sampling lines provide highly effective oral and nasal sampling, even from patients with low tidal volumes. Oridion provides patient EtCO2 sampling products to meet a broad spectrum of sampling needs available with or without oxygen delivery.

  • Supports current ASA and Joint Commission standards mandating CO2 monitoring for all anesthetized patients (intubated and non-intubated.
  • Provides an additional safety net at the bedside to continuously monitor patient respiratory response to infusion therapy.
  • Provides a unique function for the clinician to automatically pause a PCA infusion if a patient falls below your hospital-defined low respiratory limits when used with the Alaris™ PCA module.
  • Dose error reduction (DERs) system.
  • Customizable alarm limits by care area.
  • Trending data alongside PCA dosing data.


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