Comparative metrics across other hospitals within your healthcare organisation provide meaningful insight which may serve as supplemental measures of performance. Whether you are comparing performance across your healthcare organisation or nationwide, benchmarking using Integrated Analytics Solutions from BD can provide performance goals related to patient safety, inventory management and compliance.

Through a monthly infusion analytics service executive report, Alaris™ System users receive comparative benchmarks associated with Guardrails™ Safety software usage and alert overrides.

For Pyxis MedStation™ customers, comparative metrics can be accessed via the Knowledge Portal. This functionality allows hospitals to compare performance with other facilities within their healthcare organisation as well as corporate performance goals.

Guardrails™ Safety Software for Alaris™ System

Guardrails™ safety software is infusion safety and continuous quality improvement software designed specifically to support the Alaris System and the Alaris SE pump. It can help reduce intravenous (IV) medication errors, track and measure system performance and help hospitals increase compliance with national safety standards.

Guardrails™ Safety Software for the Alaris™ Plus Platform

Guardrails™ safety software is a medication safety and quality auditing system designed specifically for infusions. This ‘smart-pump’ technology gives you the power to identify, track and, ultimately, prevent many of the most harmful IV medication errors.

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