Hospitals are under tremendous pressure today to meet regulatory requirements-even as they cope with the realities of limited budgets and staff shortages. Integrated Analytics Solutions from BD help hospitals increase tracking compliance, without draining precious time and money away from patient care.

The wealth of data captured by our Alaris™ System and Pyxis™ MedStation™ can be leveraged via our Knowledge Portal.

This data not only can help meet requirements mapped out in the Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards, but also provides a simple, effective way to document those efforts.

Alaris™ Systems Manager

Alaris Systems Manager is a virtual server platform that provides two-way wireless communication with Alaris point-of-care units.

Guardrails™ Safety Software for Alaris™ System

Guardrails™ safety software is infusion safety and continuous quality improvement software designed specifically to support the Alaris System and the Alaris SE pump.

Alaris™ Infusion Central

Alaris™ Infusion Central is a leading software package helps staff to check and manage your ward’s infusions on your computer or tablet.

Guardrails™ Safety Software for the Alaris™ Plus Platform

Guardrails™ safety software is a medication safety and quality auditing system designed specifically for infusions.

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