Patient Safety

Integrated Analytics Solutions from BD offer multiple insights into helping improve patient safety, from identifying common IV programming errors to ensuring that clinicians have the supplies they need.

Infusion analytics leverages Alaris™ System data to uncover trends in preventable adverse drug events, identify high-risk medication practices and spot opportunities to educate staff and align clinical practices.

Inventory management analytics, compiled from data from the Pyxis™ MedStation™ system and the Pyxis™ supply technologies system, can be mined to optimize the supply chain, avoid stockouts and locate outdated medications, while helping to improve compliance.

Guardrails™ Safety Software for Alaris™ System

Guardrails™ safety software is infusion safety and continuous quality improvement software designed specifically to support the Alaris System and the Alaris SE pump. It can help reduce intravenous (IV) medication errors, track and measure system performance and help hospitals increase compliance with national safety standards.

Pyxis™ SupplyCenter server

The Pyxis™ SupplyCenter server from BD collects data from Pyxis® supply management systems located throughout your facility.

Guardrails™ Safety Software for the Alaris™ Plus Platform

Guardrails™ safety software is a medication safety and quality auditing system designed specifically for infusions. This ‘smart-pump’ technology gives you the power to identify, track and, ultimately, prevent many of the most harmful IV medication errors.

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