BD Viper™ XTR System

BD Viper XTR System
BD Viper XTR System

To meet your urogenital DNA testing requirements the BD Viper™ System in extracted mode (BD Viper™ System with XTR Technology) delivers.

Fully automated sample processing

  • Full range of sample types: On-board sample extraction handles vaginal, endocervical, male urethral swabs, urine, and liquid-based cytology.
  • Walk-away convenience: load and go capability allows techs to get more work done.
  • High throughput molecular testing: the first 184 results (CT/GC) will be reported 2 hours and 40 minutes following the start of the run and then 184 results (CT/GC) every 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The least amount of hands-on time for maintenance and set up

  • Deliver maximum number of CT/GC results per shift with less than one full-time employee
  • Less than 20 minutes of total hands-on time per run
  • On-board sample DNA extraction reduces manual processing steps
  • Automated sample processing, ready-to-use reagents, and patient sample identification reduce labor and errors, while improving ergonomics
  • Breakable swabs mean swab heads can be left in the sample tube during processing
  • Worry-free operation: automatic system checks ensure the system is running smoothly prior to and during each run

Total System Integrity

  • Assay Integrity: Strand Displacement Amplification (SDA) technology offers proven specifi city and contamination control.
  • Results Integrity: Excellent sensitivity and specificity proven in published clinical studies and independent proficiency surveys.
  • System Integrity: Unique “Reliability by Design” delivers maximum uptime.
  • Operational Integrity: Automatic system checks ensure the system is running smoothly prior to and during each run.
  • BD Integrity: Around-the-clock customer service and support to ensure customer success.

Ordering Information
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