Supply Management

From the perioperative areas to the nursing floors, Pyxis™ supply technologies help hospitals improve financial performance, streamline workflow and facilitate regulatory compliance.

The cost of supplies is second only to the cost of labour for hospitals. BD is committed to providing innovative technologies that help hospitals reduce costs and improve charge capture where applicable.

But cost is just one aspect of efficient supply management. Pyxis™ supply technologies also save time by helping ensure clinicians have the supplies they need at the right place, at the right time. And with touch-to-take technology and operating room information systems integration capabilities, clinicians can reduce time spent manually documenting supply use - creating more time for patient care.

And, with data generated from our technologies almost every minute of every day, our analytics tools provide hospitals the actionable intelligence needed to continually monitor and improve supply chain performance.


Pyxis™ perioperative solutions

Proven Pyxis™ technologies, services and operating room information systems integration capabilities that help hospitals improve financial performance, workflow and regulatory compliance in the operating room.


Supply Technologies

Throughout the hospital or group, Pyxis™ supply technologies provide a measurable ROI through improved case costing, workflow efficiency, regulatory compliance, data analysis and improved charge capture where applicable.


Browse all Supply Management products

Browse all Supply Management products

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