Supply Technologies

BD provides the solutions and insight needed to manage supplies throughout the hospital and groups of hospitals. Our proven Pyxis™ supply technologies provide a measurable return on investment, while helping to streamline workflow, improve case costing, facilitate regulatory compliance, enhance data analysis and increase charge capture where applicable.

Learn more about how Pyxis™ technologies can help your hospital:


Pyxis™ CathRack System

The Pyxis™ CathRack system from BD manages supplies used in cardiac catheterization and interventional radiology labs, such as pacemakers, ICDs, stents, vascular grafts, catheters and guide wires.


Pyxis™ JITrBUD system

The Pyxis™ JITrBUD device from BD attaches directly to existing storage systems and interfaces with MMIS systems to electronically document dispensed supplies.


Pyxis™ ParAssist system

The Pyxis™ ParAssist handheld device from BD collects inventory data at remote or open-shelf supply inventory locations, which is then integrated with the Pyxis™ SupplyCenter enterprise inventory and data management system or other Pyxis™ technologies.


Pyxis StockStation™ system

The Pyxis™ StockStation™ system from BD addresses cost and space constraints for stockrooms, warehouses and clinical areas.


Pyxis™ SupplyCenter server

The Pyxis™ SupplyCenter server from BD collects data from Pyxis® supply management systems located throughout your facility.


Pyxis SupplyStation™ System

The Pyxis SupplyStation™ system from BD provides easy access to needed supplies on nursing floors and throughout your healthcare facility.

Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.


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